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About the Gallery

Whisper Wind Gallery was built with two goals in mind: to promote artists so they can focus more on the creation of art, and to offer unique art to meet the needs of each of our customers.   

Whisper Wind Gallery is an online gallery showcasing artists whom we want to promote and help share their works of art with the world so they can keep doing what they are most passionate about.  These artists are both established and emerging.    

It is our intention to represent a wide variety in each collection and to ensure that each piece stands out on its own as unique and handmade.  We feature a variety of art styles in a large selection of mediums including paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry and other unique collections.  

We will ensure that our clients are confident with the purchase of their artwork before it even arrives at their door.  Whisper Wind Gallery has artwork to fit any style and budget.  We look forward to working with both the seasoned art collector and the first-time buyer.

Why We Do This

As we started preparing our business plan, we heard from a lot of artists that their least favourite thing is self-promotion and marketing.  This information helped shape our business in the direction of traveling to different places to promote our artists to help them continue to focus on the parts of being self-employed they enjoy most.

We invite you to visit our online gallery often to browse our collection and reach out to us to talk about any piece that speaks to you.  

Janna and Seth 

Mission Statement:

Whisper Wind Gallery Inc. provides opportunities for customers to experience and share their love and support of art.  Our goal is to make accessing art easier for the customer which will enable artists to put energy toward their passion, creativity, and expression.

If you have any questions or want to talk about any piece of art, email us at