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The Natural Addition to Our Gallery: Damara Mossman

January 23, 2018

Damara Mossman Jewelry Artist

The other week, I came upstairs to Seth and his parents sitting around the living room and announced proudly that another artist was joining Whisper Wind Gallery.  I said her name was Damara and that’s all I got out before they all chimed in, “Damara Mossman” with nods and sweet smiles.  It turns out Damara already has a history with my in-laws, both as an artist and personal, so I believe it was always going to be that she would join our gallery family. 

Damara not only made a great impression with my family but also with me.  This jeweler is definitely a creative soul.  Damara has been an artist of different mediums for many years, but it was in 2010 that she began designing her unique jewelry with natural materials such as antler, bone, and fish vertebrae.  Since then, she continues to take her inspiration from her surroundings, both the forest and the coast.

We both grew up in small communities with strong roots.  Damara uses antler in a lot of her artwork and every time I am holding one of her pieces I find myself traveling back home to Chipman NB, or to my first teaching position in Boiestown where the first day of hunting and fishing seasons always decrease our class attendance by about 50%. Don't get me wrong, her jewelry is anything but traditional; its natural elements and bursts of colour grab the eye and hold your attention.  

“I really love the look of primitive materials and glamour mixed together so that balance is really what I strive for in my designs.”

Fringe and Tassels Jewelry by Damara Mossman

I love that Damara describes her jewelry as minimal modern bohemian jewelry. Damara admits to never being satisfied with the mainstream (my kindred spirit?!) and brings together unique style combining natural elements and man-made materials.  I love that Damara admits to her addiction of tassels and fringe and incorporates them into her textile pieces. 

Antler for Damara Mossman Jewelry

Damara’s pieces are all one-of-a-kind works of art that include organic locally sourced materials such as shed deer antler, cow bone, shells and fish vertebrae.  One of the great things about living in small communities is that neighbours will drop off good finds for you; in Damara’s case this includes antlers they find shed while on hikes. 

 “I want to make women feel beautiful and one of a kind, whether it’s minimal with a simple piece of jewelry or over-the-top with multiple layered pieces.” 

We are so pleased to bring Damara's artwork to Whisper Wind Gallery and we cannot wait to share more of her works as she continues to create one-of-a-kind pieces.  To follow Damara on instagram, you can find her @DamaraMossman.  

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