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The Lovers: A Collection by Antonia McGuane

March 04, 2019

The Lovers: A Collection by Antonia McGuane

This collection has had a lasting impression on me.  I first saw them early this fall when Antonia McGuane was showing me some of her paintings and since then, I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind. 

Lovers 1 Antonia McGuane

Lovers 1

Originally, I wanted to share them at Valentine's Day.  I decided against this because, to me, they represent so much more than the love people show each other on Valentine's Day. 

In a world of separation and disconnect, it’s the connection of the two models that pulls me in.  I can place that moment in a conversation, where time is inconsequential and all that matters is that very moment.  In having that connection with your partner, completely engaged in each other, effortlessly diving deeper into the relationship.  

Lovers 2 Antonia McGuane

Lovers 2

What impacts me most about McGuane's style with this collection is the retro look to the paintings that evoke ageless emotions.  Her use of light, both in colour choice and highlights illicit states of airy comfort and happiness as well as pulling a thought-filled, engaging response of that same moment in my own life. 

Artist Statement

"The focus of this work is the dialogue between two people.  It began with drawings from life of two models drawn simultaneously while in continuous conversation.    Their interaction holds the central space between the two faces and that exchange maintains a sense of movement between them.  The saturated colours further emphasize that this is about a real time close-up dialogue." ​

Lovers 3 Antonia McGuane

Lovers 3

There is a fourth painting to the collection, but it is not for sale at this time.  I want to leave you with a close up of the faces of these lovers as this is the painting that has drawn me in the most.  Lovers 4 represents the perfect moment in a conversation where deeper connection occurs.  

Lovers 4 Antonia McGuane

To view the full collection of paintings by Antonia McGuane at Whisper Wind Gallery, please click here.  

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