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Six Tips for Buying Jewelry while Eliminating the Stress

February 06, 2018

Six Tips for Buying Jewelry while Eliminating the Stress

It can be a little daunting trying to find the absolutely perfect piece of jewelry for someone.  It’s good to have variety in selection but the pressure of finding the perfect piece can turn a person off shopping instantly.  Here are a few tips on buying jewelry for a special someone that can eliminate the anxiety from the whole experience. 

Knitted Blue Earrings by Jane Meredith Whitten

Ask yourself what you notice your special someone wearing for jewelry.  Is it full of colour, or a solid metal?  Is it big or small in size?  All of these observations can help focus your perusing. 

Take note of the types of jewelry she wears: necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets.  What is worn on a typical day and what is reserved for special occasions?  Once you have an idea of preferences, this can help you focus that search even more. 

Does your Valentine have any allergies to metals or other materials?  If you are paying attention to the materials that are worn, you might pick up on some that are never worn.  This could be because of an allergy but also, it could just be preference. 

antler rings by Damara Mossman

What about ears pierced?  Do you know the ring size?  The first one should likely be easier to figure out on the sly.  When it comes to ring size, it is best to measure.  Just a word of advice though, if you are not planning on proposing, getting a finger sized near Valentine’s Day may not be the best timing!  Your gift may not have the excited reaction you were hoping for! 

Take risks.  People get in habits and your partner may not have taken the step to branch out in a jewelry collection yet.  Once you know tastes in jewelry, that doesn’t mean you must adhere strictly to them.  Try expanding a bit on your sweetheart's jewelry choices, I don’t mean finding the loudest, boldest piece you can find if a preference is small and dainty, but try finding a new material in a pendant around the size or metal that tends to be worn most. 

Maple Seed Necklace by Rachael JessupChoose something that speaks to you, reflects you and what you see in your valentine.  Even more than choosing something with your sweetheart in mind I believe it is important to choose a piece that has meaning.  For me, I love knowing there is something about the jewelry I am wearing that my husband thought specifically about me enough to choose it.  Seth picked up a broach for me in Iceland last summer because of his interest in history and the fact that it was handmade by a local (to Iceland) artist.  I have posted it to our Instagram account here.  

The only other piece of advice I can offer is if you choose a unique piece of jewelry, you may want to consider purchasing the matching pieces to give a set especially if your Valentine likes to wear multiple pieces at the same time.

Happy shopping!  

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