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Please Meet Our Two Newest Artists!

October 19, 2017

Close Section of Dragons Battle by Lisa C Dickie

In the past couple weeks, we have added artwork from two more artists!  We are very fortunate to be able to welcome Randi Adler and Lisa Dickie to Whisper Wind Gallery! 

Randi Adler

Randi studied pottery in New York, New Hampshire, Nova Scotia, and Italy but got her start in a high school art class working with leather, bookbinding, enameling, jewelry making along with pottery.  From that point on, she has been hooked!  Randi has been working on art for many years but still considers herself learning, Which I think is important. I believe it would hard to be an artist without continually learning; how else would we evolve and alter our styles?

Sand, Sea and Sky Small Bowl by Randi Adler

       Sand, Sea, and Sky Small Bowl by Randi Adler

Randi lives in Halifax, NS but also spends lots of time in the Rose Bay area on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.  This is where I met Randi, out for a walk on Hirtle’s Beach which contributes to Randi’s inspiration for many of the pieces she has on our website. 

Lisa C. Dickie

Lisa is a self-taught artist.  She was very fortunate to have parents and family who have continued to support her and provide different mediums for her to try out.  When it comes to her artwork, Lisa has shared that she continues to learn as well and her philosophy about growing as an artist is one must be open to everything; being open is such an asset to have as one goes through life.  She also noted that her weakness is not making time every day for her art, which has to be a real challenge given that she owns her own business, is a dog breeder and has family obligations too. 

Coastal Flow by Lisa C. Dickie

Coastal Flow by Lisa C. Dickie

I have met Lisa a few times in person and even with her busy life, she has a truly calming demeanor and grounding voice.  Lisa is a retired medic with the Canadian Armed Forces, worked with Victim’s Services in Alberta through the local RCMP Detachment and uses her art to both battle against the stresses of everyday living and offer new ways of viewing the world.  Lisa’s inspiration for her work is life... past, present and future.

We welcome these two new artists and look forward to sharing more of their works in the near future with you!  

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