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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Artists:

September 18, 2017 1 Comment

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Artists:

We have been open for exactly two weeks tonight!  We have been fortunate to make some sales and start growing our email list (feel free to join up!).  I am going to use tonight’s blog post to introduce you to the artists we have on our website at this very moment. 

Andrea Donovan

Andrea is a teacher in the daytime, a photographer in her spare time, and a dog lover all the time!  Andrea’s formal education background is science, but she has so much talent when it comes to the arts.  I don’t think there is medium she has tackled that hasn’t been a success.  From acrylic to zentangles, from playing the piano to photography, this woman is amazing with what she can accomplish!  Andrea’s eye is not only focused on landscape photography but she also takes bookings for weddings, family portraits and pet portraits too! 

Marilyn Congdon

Marilyn is an accomplished artist.  She co-owned The Black Duck Gallery and Gifts in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  She has made the most beautiful kites that I have ever seen and has received awards for her kite designs.  In recent years, Marilyn has been able to focus on painting more and has been creating works of art from memories that move beyond realistic interpretation.  Her creativity in mixed media demonstrates that art can be born from anything around us.  

Janna Graham

I have been painting as a hobby since my grade seven art teacher (Mrs. Wright) exposed me to the general medium.  After an unfortunate incident with watercolours and a painting of the NYC skyline, I gave up painting in my late teens (perhaps I’m a little too stubborn) and didn’t return again until my early twenties.  Since reconciling that dramatic evening, I do find painting calming and reflective, though I still don't find calmness in watercolour!  Having two busy toddlers, there are days I long for the silence that painting provides me. 

Rachael Jessup

Rachael is a mother of two hockey kids and yet finds time to create jewelry, not just one line of jewelry, but at my last count, 3 different collections.  She works with lava beads, semi-precious stones, silver, fingerprints, nature, and transforms them into art!  Her first jewelry line is Sand Dollar Silver, where she takes a finger/hand or even paw prints and creates a one-of-a-kind keepsake.  From there she has created Reflection in Nature (this is the line we are carrying) and then on to partnering to create Essence for You, which is a stunning line of diffuser jewelry. 

J. Muise

Jay is an extraordinary painter; his medium of choice is watercolour.  I have known Jay for about three years now and this dynamic, fun-loving friend has so much talent in depicting the scenes of his adventures.  The paintings we have on the gallery are all of different locations around the world where Jay has travelled in the past. 

Gary Owen

Gary is living the retired life (I’m so jealous at times!) in Roblin, Ontario.  In some of his spare time, Gary hand turns wood on a lathe to create his magnificent masterpieces.  He has worked with a multitude of wood species, including maple, walnut, rosewood, and bubinga.  To see an example of Gary’s work with the bubinga wood, click here!  Along with his woodturning hobby, you have to check out his collection of vinyl!  It’s as impressive as his artwork!   

Whisper Wind Gallery is so pleased to have the support of these artists as we opened our gallery.  We are adding three more artists in the next week, so I will continue with more introductions in the near future.  Keep checking out new additions on the website! 

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Katherine coutts
Katherine coutts

September 19, 2017

Great line up of artists and lovely post.

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