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Katharina Jost: The Explorer, the Creator, the Gardener

June 24, 2018

Katharina Jost: The Explorer, the Creator, the Gardener

I first met Katharina Jost when she invited me to her house to talk about joining the gallery.  We sat in a wide open room filled with light and a beautiful view of the yard that leads to the ocean.  Time passed with ease and conversation flowed with comfort. 

Born in Switzerland, Katharina wanted nothing more than to be a singer and painting wasn’t even on her radar as a child.  Then for most of her adult life, Katharina first studied adult education and organizational development and then used this training to be become a facilitator and mediator.  By 1998, Katharina and her husband had moved to Lunenburg County and opened Second Paradise Retreat and retired from their business 20 years later. 

It wasn’t until just before her 60th birthday, she began to really explore painting.  In her words, she took to it “like a duck to water”.  Katharina joined a class mentored by Susan Hudson where she receives both the support and exposure to new techniques which allows her to grow as a painter. 

“I loved it, the colours, the texture, structures, shapes.... I am still with the same group, we learn, we paint, we share parts of our lives.”

Gone but not Forgotten by Katharina Jost

Gone But Not Forgotten I

Katharina describes herself as a slow painter, someone who has many paintings on the go but she lets them rest, looks at them, sometimes for weeks and then, one day, she might finish one. Or start a new.

Katharina has been exploring pastels most recently.  Her strength in colour is evident with the colour blends she uses.  As I admired these pieces in her studio, how she commands the pastel to move in directions that shape inspiration in my mind, she ever so casually noted that she draws them using her left hand.  Using her nondominate hand, she harnesses her intuition to construct the creation.   Her strength lies in the ability to design images that are less directed, or even planned, so what is born is even more provocative. 

Caves II by Katharina Jost

Caves II

Katharina is an artist who doesn’t plan a painting, and confides she doesn’t identify as a real stickler for details.  Her pieces are born from the exploration, of trying something new, instead of staying in the comfort of what is already known.  Her inspiration originates from what she sees around her and then she likes to see where the piece takes her.    

Even more than painting, Katharina’s true passion is gardening.  She has even admitted that if she could garden all year, she would give up painting to do so.  Thankfully for us, she chose to live in Canada and that makes that desire impossible.  Katharina is a winter painter, and gives it up once the flowers begin to bloom.  We can see this fact reflected in some of her works whether it is in the colour choice or landscape she represents. 

Walk in January by Katharina Jost

Walk in January

We encourage you to view more of Katharina Jost's works on our website or to check out more of her collection on her website.  

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