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Antonia McGuane: Place + Passion = Art

November 26, 2018

Antonia McGuane: Place + Passion = Art

I have to admit; I was a little nervous to meet Antonia McGuane for the first time.  Her CV and experiences are very impressive and her works are both creative and intriguing.  Any nervousness I had subsided the moment we sat for our first meeting.  She put me at ease as we settled in for a great conversation on art, travelling, and family. 

Antonia is a free spirit and travels the globe working and expanding her art repertoire.  This winter she has settled into life in Catalunya, Spain again where she spends her time teaching English, enjoying the culture, and painting.  Her pieces are reflective of her address of the time, painting landscapes or aspects of the culture.  

First of Spring at the Lake Antonia McGuane

First of Spring at the Lake was painted on a lake in Lapland, Nova Scotia

Like in the above painting, many of Antonia's works begin with a plein air piece.  From there she will use these as a starting point and back in her studio, draws upon these images to create her works.  Currently Antonia is working on larger drawings, mostly in oil bar on canvas or primed paper.  Antonia enjoys formal arrangements with repetition and imitation, which can be seen in her Garden and Lake collections. 

Even though Antonia loves to travel, she always finds that Nova Scotia draws her back each summer.  Her travels have taken her to Spain, Ireland, Holland and around Canada where she has been fortunate to study and participate in residencies. 

Girl in the Garden Antonia McGuane

Girl in the Garden

Above being a phenomenal artist, Antonia is a thoughtful and extremely wonderful person.  Her artwork is stunning and her passion for what she does shines though on each of her works of art.  We are so pleased to be able to share Antonia McGuane’s love of art with you. 

You can view more of her collection on our site by clicking here.  Interested in viewing more of Antonia's works?  Check out her website

Photo credit:  Image of Antonia McGuane was taken by Joel Clifton.  To view more by Joel Clifton click here.  

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